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Armenia is interested in maintaining tension in the region – STATEMENT from the Deputy

Elshad Mirbashiroglu, a member of the Milli Majlis, said that Pashinyan did not show a new position by expressing his territorial claim against Azerbaijan on September 2. It is well known to everyone that Pashinyan always makes drastic transformations in his positions, paradoxes are regularly observed in his views.”It is worth reminding that Pashinyan tried to present the so-called separatist regime as a separate entity from the first days he came to power. He always voiced the opinion that the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh separatist regime should negotiate with Azerbaijan itself. This means that Pashinyan has been treating the separatists separately since then. “He wanted to be included in the circulation as a party to the discussion. In essence, these steps of Pashinyan are attempts to serve the transformation of the separatists into an independent subject,” said the deputy.According to Elshad Mirbashiroglu, Pashinyan never sincerely recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. He simply made a series of declarative statements under the influence of the realities created by our country, which supposedly recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, including Karabakh. In his last statement, he once again demonstrated his true position by talking about the status of the separatists. The deputy said that Armenia will never sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan on its own accord: “It should be taken into account that Pashinyan’s predecessors took the same position and engaged in imitations in discussions. “Although they pretend to be ready to resolve issues through negotiations, in reality they are in a completely different position – an aggressor and an aggressor. Pashinyan, like his predecessors, demonstrates this at every step.”

According to Elshad Mirbashiroglu, Pashinyan’s position is that if any document is signed in the direction of the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, some status of the separatist regime should be expressed in it. This also shows that Pashinyan is an instrument of geopolitical games. The Prime Minister of Armenia is interested in maintaining tension in the region with the instructions of the Western circles that brought him to power. Only in this case, he understands that those circles will have opportunities to intervene in the South Caucasus region.” The deputy added that Pashinyan’s aggressively questioning the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan shows that he also disrespects his own views. He has never been sincere and will not be in the future. In such a case, Azerbaijan should implement the strategy of forcing Armenia to peace more intensively and systematically.

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